Recovering from cancer treatment – two years on

article-0-1a9a672b000005dc-23_964x576A year ago I wrote a post about how great it was to have survived cancer and to go back to the normal everyday things. When I now read my last post I struggle to remember how that felt because now it’s two years on and everything seems so different.

I guess I thought that everything would be changed; that I would see the true purpose of life, I would make the effort to do wonderful things, not waste time, and have amazing adventures. How I wish…

But it hasn’t. I’ve slipped back into old habits, worries and that dull comfort zone which probably contributed to the disease in the first place. I think it’s a common problem; your friends, family and work colleagues give you lovely treatment in the aftermath of bereavement, divorce or serious illness. This helps you on the road to recovery, and soon everything seems fine, but these are all long processes.

Two years on and I’m still thinking about cancer every day; every glass of wine, every chocolate bar, every hour spent on the sofa, every stressy work day, every funeral, every glimpse of the scar. I’m not feeling sorry for myself; I am cross with myself that the post cancer wonder-world I experienced hasn’t lasted, and that I still have exactly the same faults that I had before this whole shebang started.

Not to mention the poor old NHS.


One thought on “Recovering from cancer treatment – two years on

  1. Congratulations on reaching your second anniversary.
    There’s not a lot of info about how to live with and alongside chronic conditions. LIke you, my auto-immune disease is in remission and it has been difficult to get my head around it so I could drop the amount of prednisone I’m taking. I was sitting on 10mg about 9 months ago and even lowering it by 1 mg felt like jumping off the edge of a cliff. I was terrified. However, my doctors reassured me and informed me of a different set of risk for not doing anything and I am now down to 6mg. They’re wanting me down to 5mg.
    There is some degree of caution in me but I’ve been living with this for 10 years now and 3 years since my last flare. I have had 3 close calls and now I guess now I feel the time I have is a bonus…a gift.
    What’s also made a huge difference for me, is that my kids are growing up. They’re now about to turn 13 and 11. They’ve much more independent and able to stand on their own two feet if they have to.
    Take care.
    Best wishes,


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