Recovering from cancer treatment – one year on


It’s about a year ago when I was diagnosed with lobular breast cancer. Since then I’ve had two operations, six rounds of chemotherapy, and 15 sessions of radiotherapy. I’ll be on luxury tablets for five years but have been given the all-clear in the meantime. How strange it was; like a Narnia experience where time has a different value and yet I’m now thrown back into normal life.

I am now so enthusiastic about my everyday experiences – I have to hold back when people moan about Monday mornings or difficult situations that annoy them. It’s just great to have got through treatment and be allowed to have ordinariness back again.

What is hard is to cope with is when people have a worse cancer prognosis than me and know they have a much more limited time; I feel that it’s not fair. Or the women who tell you that breast cancer always comes back eventually; that’s understandable anger but please don’t.

In conclusion, my time in treatment has resulted in me enjoying the ordinary things in life, not getting stressed about stuff and wanting to help other people who are suffering.


One thought on “Recovering from cancer treatment – one year on

  1. Thank you for sharing your reflections on your treatment a year after the fact. It is now 3 years since I had chemo to treat my auto-immune disease and I have been in remission ever since. Like a cancer survivor, this disease can come back at any time too but I’m not living in its shadow anymore and the treatment isn’t as intrusive anymore. I used to have blood transfusions every 3 weeks for 5 years and don’t need them anymore.
    I still try to carpe diem seize the day and my outlook has definitely changed. I haven’t been welll enough to return to work until recently and am currently focusing on my kids’ education as they have some big deadlines approaching early in the new year.
    Best wishes,


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