Eyes For You


Eyeliner is tricky to put on while you’re wearing glasses, but it’s even harder when your eyesight is so poor when you take them off.  I do a strange manoeuvre with glasses low down on the nose whilst I access from the side. Even then I make a hash of it.

My eyes used to be great; I needed no make-up, no glasses They were a simple greeny-grey window on the world. I could read posters across the street, the small print in documents and best of all I could recognise people.

Thirty years on and I fumble about first thing in the morning for the specs, but I still squint if the writing is small or I don’t know who’s walking towards me.

And the vanity of it! I tried contact lenses years ago, believing that I looked better without glasses, but I just couldn’t bear it and was unable to get them out. In photographs I sometimes take off the glasses to look like my old persona, but then have to put them back on to view the image. It’s the same at the opticians when trying to choose new frames. I try on a sample pair with the plain glass in them and I just look blurry. Can you really trust the views of family members?



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